These are ideals in development, this is a bit of an organic project that I need to rush through and I and a little blank as to where it needs to go…artistically.  I know and understand the concept and the delivery, but I need the right ideas.

So stick with me on this one, it’s gonna take a few days.

These will eventually end up in pen and ink


Music: Linkin Park & Goodnight, Sunrise


Whales #2


water color

I decided early yesterday that I wanted to do the whales again.  There is this ideal bouncing around in my head…  anyway, more on that later.   So this is the car verse, that should be obvious and I thought some sort of a jeep would be most appropriate as they park down by the water and like will drive across the sand.

I am beginning to understand water colors, the direction in which to paint, wet vs dry, getting color.  It’s all still a little amaturish but I like the result.  If I was 100% happy i probably wouldn’t keep at it right?

The other thing I did was give myself a half an hour to do the painting, it’s the AM and I have to make lunches and get my son off to school so time is a little tight.  I did it, and frankly am a little surprised as I didn’t think I would get it done, to this level.

So a good Morning.

Finally, mentioning my son; I taught him to draw stars and moons last night, he asked after all…well he asked me to draw a moon, so I asked him to try….he did and got it and as you can see drew a mess of stars.  Made me smile.


music: didn’t want to wake up the boy, so silence




I was looking at the dark skyline last night and thinking how amazing it is. The balance between light and dark, the minimum amount of color, the abstract nature of the view.

Shape is what draws me in, the geometry and perspective can make for an interesting composition. I wanted to be mono chromatic on this so it would rely on the shapes to tell you what you are looking at. It’s simple and effective.

Music: motley crue – to fast for love

Still life #5, thing #2




I bought water color paper and a slightly larger pad today, the scale of the paper is a little easier to shoot and it lays flat on the table as well.  The mole skin will still get used but when I can lay the paper on the table the large pad will come out.  Large is a bit of a bad description as the thin is only 5″x8″ and fits perfectly in a little drawing bag which has started to accompany me, everywhere.

Glass is a nice challenge; I still am working on ‘seeing’ the refracted images through the glass and how light and translucence work in a drawing. Gonna keep trying, really happy with the composition here and the perspective.



This was next.  Not has happy and looking at it 2 hours later still not that happy. So now I know I can get the scale and perspective up close down ok but stuff a little further away need a little more focus and practice.  Time to brake out the charcoal and a stop watch.  Back in high school the art teacher would make us do charcoal still life and model drawings on a timer, and it was quick, a drawing every 5 minutes. You got quick at ‘seeing’ the shapes and blocking them in. If you had time you would shade and add the personality to the art.


Frankly, not sure what I was thinking….maybe the row boat in the dudes head is subliminal to what was in my mind at the time.  Maybe I just needed to draw nothing. I dig old school TVs…they just look cool.  Not sure what coming out of his mouth….

Music: none… I was eves-dropping on the conversation at the next table, always fun.

Boy #2, still life #4




Not sure how I feels about these.  They totally didn’t turn out which is frustrating because really, they are simple drawings.   Charcoal is deceptive because you can ‘smudge’ you mistakes into something useful.  It’s not like markers or colored pencils where once you have laid it down you are kind of stuck.  Still, I don’t think I captured the ‘essence’ of the art tonight….it feels a little flat.



Chalk Pastel.

This is a test (insert long annoying beeeeeep).  This is about the color and the manipulation and blending of such.  It’s Ok, the shading and shapes work, not the greatest stuff but still part of the exercise.

I’m trying to figure out color and shading. Trying to make the move’s between light and dark smooth, it’s difficult.  I alway have loved how Rembrandt is able to get the light just right and his ability to create depth through light and shadow.

More practice needed.

Music: just silence tonight, maybe that’s why it didn’t go so well.

Boy, Camera, Pencil





pencil (H2), Sharpie

Sometimes less is more. I like the way black ink is on white paper, I like to let it happen, as little planning as possible.  

Picture one involved an H2 pencil to start with but as i got to deeply involved i backed off. I realized that it wasn’t going to happen the way thought I wanted it to, so instead of fighting with it I let it be.  I let the lines come forward and the shapes stand out.  The subject doesn’t look right, the shirt was actually stripped but I stood on my chair and stared down at the table and realized there would be to much noise.

Strangely as the subject got smaller the drawings got bigger, not sure why.  

The SLR is from my head, so it might be wrong to you but it’s right to me. Again, this isn’t about perfect it’s about the shape and letting it flow.  I don’t like the proportion but i like the picture, because it’s right. No pencil was sharpened here, the lines drawn where final.

The pencil is very literal. Every line was drawn once, no ‘sketching’ like on the camera what you see is what you get. I want this on a t-shirt.

I really like the pencil…

Music: Mahler Symphony No.2 




Colored pencil

Have you ever bitten off more then you could chew? Large colored pencil drawings are a little like that, you start and you realize about half way though you should do mixed medium…

Oh well….this picture is kind of an off shot of a poem I have been working on;

How do whales buy milk?
How do they cross the street?
And get to the corner store,
If they haven’t any feet?

Whales don’t need milk! you say.
It’s absurd! That’s what you think.
They live in the ocean
And there is plenty to drink.

I know you think it’s silly
But here’s the truth you see
whales like a spot of milk
It adds color to their tea.
And at the corner store how awkward
No hands to work the door
It would seem bad (and slightly sad)
After the long trip from the shore

With milk at hand, it’s time to pay
Exact change? Now what’s the chance?
Where would they keep their money
If they hadn’t any pants?

It’s said and done, the leave the store
And head out to the car.
Did you really think someone so big
Could simply walk so far?
A short drive to the ocean
They wave ‘ha-loo’ to all their friends
The yak, the bear, the rabbits to
Say ‘salutations back again

This is crazy, simply absurd,
So long out of the sea?
Ah! You forget they’re mammals
They breath air like you and me.

They park their car beside the bay
And slip back in the sea
Happily back home again
They settle in for tea

Don’t say I don’t entertain you.

Music: Greig: Piano Concerto in A Minor Op16

Hot rod!



Do you remember the 70s, I do. I remember the crazy iron-on shirt kiosks in the mall where you could get a sparkly Ford or GM shirt for seven buck. I also had this awesome Ford trucks hat (keep on trucking) it was yellow and made of plastic and it was awesome… But I said that
Ah simpler times… Playing in the Don River before it was poison and staying out till the street lights came on.

There’s not much to say about this ‘cept it was fun.

Light ’em up baby!

Music: Radiohead (shuffle the catalogue)




I love motorcycles and as a friend of mine constatly reminds me I can (if I want) turn any conversation into a discussion or comparison to or of motorcycles.

I had a little trouble with this, there are to many angles, I don’t feel that I got it right. You do get the essance of the drawing and the form…I needed more time and a couple more sheets of paper to get it right. I’ll have to do it again I guess, or get a job where I am paid to sketch, and ride motorcycles, and play in a rock band…


Maybe next year

Music: Silence, nothing today but the running diologue in my head.

Me And My Beard


Pencil (3B)

My beard has it’s own time zone…I’m not sure I got it right (hope it isn’t offended) I was kinda concentrating on the eyes in this one.  I needed something loose and simple tonight an I figured a self portrait would annoy me sufficiently, it did.

And by ‘annoy’ I mean challenge, one does like a challenge now.

Here is the photo from Halloween just for the sake of reference… I want a Dos Equis, and I’m not that interesting.


Music: Wolfmother – “Wolfmother’