do a drawing a day dad

So, this is an exercise in getting shit done.  A good friend of mine did some daily writing and really at the end of the day it made me happy.  I started thinking about what I enjoy and I realized there are a few things that I really enjoy, as follows.

Motorcycles, writing, drawing, exploring, imagining. 

Wonderfully all of these things are creative and explorative and allow me to scratch the inside of my skull in search of beauty and wonder.  Digging into me is something I enjoy and externalizing that is part of the process.  

Art should be selfish and selfless, quiet and loud, egocentric and humble… Without an audience all would be empty, if you have an ideal you should share it, and image needs eyes and a kiss needs a lover. 

So here we go, I am not going to promise i do this every day but Im going to try.  Some may be a scratch on a napkin and others may be a fine bit of art.  But I am giving it to you and maybe it will make you happy to.  



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