Ink, Pantone

All right this was fun.  There is something absurd to me about super heros, don’t get me wrong I love them, and comic books.  And really Bruce Wayne? That dude has the life; big house, fast cars, fast women and a bitchen alter ego but really, would he ever buy milk, I mean wouldn’t Alfred do it?  Still…

This went through a sketch phase, and various poses.



I really liked the ideal of Batman on an iPhone, it sort of humanizes the guy.  But then I realized that being angry on the phone is not so out of the Batman’s scope.  So then I decided it would be funny if he couldn’t figure the phone out.  So l lined that in, crap….that’s the same pose as pumpkin head.


As I am not one to copy me I figured I should re think it. That is where the ‘milk carton Batman’ comes from, a daily oddity for a super hero.  I Google’d “Batman buying milk” and got nothing so this actually may be an original ideal (ya!) This was fun.

Music:  Poison – “Look What The Cat Dragged In”


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