Still Life #3


water color

First off…I exhausted tonight, so I thought I would do something to make it hard, you know: no pain no gain right?

I did a couple of sketches first and didn’t like them. I was pulling stuff from my imagination, but when I’m are tired that’s a little like work. I find it interesting how the physical can effect the mental and other person’s perception of you…. But I digress.

So a still life seemed the way to go and since the desk is in front of me, presto: subject.  I lined it in with an H2 pencil so I could get the proportions and perspective right then set about working  color.  It’s not done but I don’t care, what I got out of it is the practice I want to get through this exercise. I’ll get faster and more confident as I proceed.

I’m going to bed….


Music: shuffle on my library – City and Color, Audioslave, Springsteen, Trivium, Porcupine Tree, Glueleg (really…off of Bombs and Accents)


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