Moleskin #1


Ball Point Pen

So last night I was out drinking, so this is a few hours late.  I had tried earlier to post via my iPhone but the wordpress interface is….annoying (I will email them, they need to build a better mobile user experience).

Right…whatever you say.

Ok so I have a small Moleskin sketch book and the that will be my mobile experience.  These are two pictures of what was right in front of me.  The first is a pint glass at the Black Bull Tavern and the second it the bar was Rancho Relaxo , at two in the morning and a few shots of Jim Beam into the dark, so it’s a little loose.

photo-1  photo-2

I like them both.   Very quick and simple, just what was in front of me.  It’s good practice and didn’t allow me to be to neurotic about how they turned out.  Additionally I had a comfy little buzz going so they where going to be loose anyway.

Music:  @ Racho – 80’s retro

Post Script: i love the reviews of the ‘Bull….who really goes there to eat?  It’s about beer and in the summer the patio.


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