Roaming and Sketching



So the last couple of days have been spent wandering (drinking a bit) and generally just doing a whole hell of a lot of nothing, basically a perfect weekend.  That said I have been slightly negligent with my posting as i have not been near my computer and WordPress’s mobile interface is crap, but I said that yesterday so I’ll shut up now.

So I was on the moleskin for a last couple of days (does that sound obscene?) and colorless, which is kinda nice.  I find I have to rely on what i see and concentrate on composition and perspective. 





The tarot is off the wallpaper in a Milagro’s (a Mexican restaurant, the food was great by the way) i just liked it, all right? The sacred heart was at the request of a good friend, kept it simple…not fire, skulls, lightning bolts or crap; Tattoo? It’s a neat design and can speak to so many things.

ImageA room with a view, one of my favorite spots of late to sit and reflect. The light is good and the view is amazing, the company…better.

ImageThis afternoon ended up in Parkdale and landed at Capitol Espresso at Dunn and Queen.  I was all coffee’d out and they had hot apple cider, which considering the temperature outside today was an exceptionally cozy drink to sip at, a nice wrap to a good weekend. 

Gonna watch a band tonight….maybe sketch some more.

Music:  life…..

Ah…excuse my thumb, the moleskin doesn’t lay flat on the table.




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