Pantone, Sharpie

Ah…. Meh.
That’s not really a great way to introduce art. Indifference is really the worst thing any artist would want to encounter, when the artist is indifferent that’s slightly problematic.

So I like the design, I just don’t like the final product.
Couple of reasons:
1) I need new Pantone markers. The fact that a couple of colors crapped out on me is, well, annoying. So the color isn’t right or full enough
2) the little images didn’t turn out the way they were in my head. A little voice said…blah, blah, blah, but I wasn’t listening. I should have

Maybe I’ll have to re-visit this ideal when some water has gone under the proverbial bridge.

Music: Coheed & Cambria (shuffle)


2 thoughts on “CDC

    • Hey, yes…that would be great but being a rock chump I am playing CMW and don’t know what night we will be performing on. Last year Coheed came and we were playing the same night…we’ll see. Other wise….I’m in.
      You should get a press pass !!!

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