Colored pencil

Have you ever bitten off more then you could chew? Large colored pencil drawings are a little like that, you start and you realize about half way though you should do mixed medium…

Oh well….this picture is kind of an off shot of a poem I have been working on;

How do whales buy milk?
How do they cross the street?
And get to the corner store,
If they haven’t any feet?

Whales don’t need milk! you say.
It’s absurd! That’s what you think.
They live in the ocean
And there is plenty to drink.

I know you think it’s silly
But here’s the truth you see
whales like a spot of milk
It adds color to their tea.
And at the corner store how awkward
No hands to work the door
It would seem bad (and slightly sad)
After the long trip from the shore

With milk at hand, it’s time to pay
Exact change? Now what’s the chance?
Where would they keep their money
If they hadn’t any pants?

It’s said and done, the leave the store
And head out to the car.
Did you really think someone so big
Could simply walk so far?
A short drive to the ocean
They wave ‘ha-loo’ to all their friends
The yak, the bear, the rabbits to
Say ‘salutations back again

This is crazy, simply absurd,
So long out of the sea?
Ah! You forget they’re mammals
They breath air like you and me.

They park their car beside the bay
And slip back in the sea
Happily back home again
They settle in for tea

Don’t say I don’t entertain you.

Music: Greig: Piano Concerto in A Minor Op16


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