Boy #2, still life #4




Not sure how I feels about these.  They totally didn’t turn out which is frustrating because really, they are simple drawings.   Charcoal is deceptive because you can ‘smudge’ you mistakes into something useful.  It’s not like markers or colored pencils where once you have laid it down you are kind of stuck.  Still, I don’t think I captured the ‘essence’ of the art tonight….it feels a little flat.



Chalk Pastel.

This is a test (insert long annoying beeeeeep).  This is about the color and the manipulation and blending of such.  It’s Ok, the shading and shapes work, not the greatest stuff but still part of the exercise.

I’m trying to figure out color and shading. Trying to make the move’s between light and dark smooth, it’s difficult.  I alway have loved how Rembrandt is able to get the light just right and his ability to create depth through light and shadow.

More practice needed.

Music: just silence tonight, maybe that’s why it didn’t go so well.


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