Boy, Camera, Pencil





pencil (H2), Sharpie

Sometimes less is more. I like the way black ink is on white paper, I like to let it happen, as little planning as possible.  

Picture one involved an H2 pencil to start with but as i got to deeply involved i backed off. I realized that it wasn’t going to happen the way thought I wanted it to, so instead of fighting with it I let it be.  I let the lines come forward and the shapes stand out.  The subject doesn’t look right, the shirt was actually stripped but I stood on my chair and stared down at the table and realized there would be to much noise.

Strangely as the subject got smaller the drawings got bigger, not sure why.  

The SLR is from my head, so it might be wrong to you but it’s right to me. Again, this isn’t about perfect it’s about the shape and letting it flow.  I don’t like the proportion but i like the picture, because it’s right. No pencil was sharpened here, the lines drawn where final.

The pencil is very literal. Every line was drawn once, no ‘sketching’ like on the camera what you see is what you get. I want this on a t-shirt.

I really like the pencil…

Music: Mahler Symphony No.2 



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