Still life #5, thing #2




I bought water color paper and a slightly larger pad today, the scale of the paper is a little easier to shoot and it lays flat on the table as well.  The mole skin will still get used but when I can lay the paper on the table the large pad will come out.  Large is a bit of a bad description as the thin is only 5″x8″ and fits perfectly in a little drawing bag which has started to accompany me, everywhere.

Glass is a nice challenge; I still am working on ‘seeing’ the refracted images through the glass and how light and translucence work in a drawing. Gonna keep trying, really happy with the composition here and the perspective.



This was next.  Not has happy and looking at it 2 hours later still not that happy. So now I know I can get the scale and perspective up close down ok but stuff a little further away need a little more focus and practice.  Time to brake out the charcoal and a stop watch.  Back in high school the art teacher would make us do charcoal still life and model drawings on a timer, and it was quick, a drawing every 5 minutes. You got quick at ‘seeing’ the shapes and blocking them in. If you had time you would shade and add the personality to the art.


Frankly, not sure what I was thinking….maybe the row boat in the dudes head is subliminal to what was in my mind at the time.  Maybe I just needed to draw nothing. I dig old school TVs…they just look cool.  Not sure what coming out of his mouth….

Music: none… I was eves-dropping on the conversation at the next table, always fun.


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