Whales #2


water color

I decided early yesterday that I wanted to do the whales again.  There is this ideal bouncing around in my head…  anyway, more on that later.   So this is the car verse, that should be obvious and I thought some sort of a jeep would be most appropriate as they park down by the water and like will drive across the sand.

I am beginning to understand water colors, the direction in which to paint, wet vs dry, getting color.  It’s all still a little amaturish but I like the result.  If I was 100% happy i probably wouldn’t keep at it right?

The other thing I did was give myself a half an hour to do the painting, it’s the AM and I have to make lunches and get my son off to school so time is a little tight.  I did it, and frankly am a little surprised as I didn’t think I would get it done, to this level.

So a good Morning.

Finally, mentioning my son; I taught him to draw stars and moons last night, he asked after all…well he asked me to draw a moon, so I asked him to try….he did and got it and as you can see drew a mess of stars.  Made me smile.


music: didn’t want to wake up the boy, so silence


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