Nothing was really coming out of the pen tonight, and I couldn’t force it.

So I just pulled out a big sheet of paper and started sketching. I had a discussion with a friend about posture so this is more of a study on that front.

Need more practice with life drawing.
Should take a course.

Music: silence tonight.


Gale’s Snack Bar


Pencil. 3B

Sometimes you have to leap into the unknown, which is over dramatic as leaping here was done after a little research.

Like usual I have run out of money, just in time to get paid, so the lint and pennies (which are obsolete here in Canada now) had to do for lunch. I’ve had a few folk mentions ‘Gale’s Snack Bar’ few times as a good cheap place to eat.

This place is awesome and odd, you walking right into a time warp when you enter and slip back to the ’60s. The food, the decor (loose term here) the people are all throw backs. I ordered one of the most expensive items on the menu; Hot Chicken Sandwich $3.75 and it comes with fires, peas and carrots, two slices of white bread and a mountain of sliced chicken breast smothered in gravy. Good stuff. Sure they are frozen veg and fries but the chicken was really quiet good. With a pop, tax and tip I handed over $7.
Grill Cheese is $1.50, I’m tying that next.

How could I not sketch this place? It’s a picture waiting to happen.

Eating and sketching on a rainy day, Gale’s may not be for everyone but I’m going back.

Music: ’80s retro on the radio. Appropriate




Pen and ink

So I’m a day behind. Ugh, but yesterday I had a wicked headache and went home and to bed at 6pm. So no drawing last night.

Tonight I’m at Rancho here in Toronto doing an solo acoustic gig something I haven’t done in 6 years so is had a little time to kill before playing.

I like bikes…. Yup and I’ve said that before. I started the first one early and then got bore and did the blacks and blue one. I wanted to do one with a ball point I like the way it feels and the color and how it blends.

I like this drawing, it’s simple and that’s good.


Music. Iron Maiden cause it goes so good with motorcycles.




Colored pencil, ink

A good friend and I were talking and he turned my ear to some local Nova Scotia talent, so that was my background music tonight.

Not sure where this come from, and the slightly tough poem associated with it. In the end I was thinking of tattoo art.

I enjoyed working the composition here and how to fill it all in. Gotta work on clouds a little more.

That or not think to much…

At any rate, it a good end to the weekend. It would probably make a terrible tattoo.


Music: Jennah Barry




Pencil, ink, pen, sharpie, color pencil, crap

You know when you have a great idea and them you screw it up? Behold!

It’s probably not too bad, maybe I’m being over critical but still.

I was really enjoying this too, and that should have been a sign cause usually when I don’t like it the piece turns out.

I was happy with the bay and the kid but then I decided it needed a background, and I still feel it does, but it turned it into a shit show. Wish I had taken a photo of the drawing before I added the background

Better luck tomorrow.
Such is life.

Music: Pink Floyd, The Promised Us Jet Packs.

Sailboats in winter



I’m a day behind, and that is the way it is cause I’m damn good at burning the candle at both ends.

I did this over lunch, it’s down in a quiet spot by the lake a short drive from where I work. It is a little depressing all those tiny sailboats all pulled up on shore, tarp’d and covered in snow. But it does make for a nice picture.

I eliminated a fence and some shrubs in the foreground as it would have caused unnecessary clutter, other then that it’s what the eyes see. It was a grey day and the light very flat, so no shadows.

Nice picture.

Music: Coheed and Cambria… Again. Sorry but I kinda dig the new CD so it get played lots.



Water color

Like usual after a few days traveling I’m back home and need to do something with color. I also felt a need to be abstract with the color, and not for want of the abstract because ‘geometric’ is abstract as well.

I did this with a wet and a dry brush, I like the effect of ‘smudging’ the wet paint. The paint moved surprisingly well on the paper. I added more color for depth and dimension.

I do also enjoy a coupling of loose and tight, the fine lines give that feel. They also added (to my happy surprise) a depth I didn’t expect, I love the unplanned in the …. ah … unplanned. There is something nice and organic about that.

A nice ending to a great weekend. I got to do some art, play some music, eat good food, enjoy exotic mixed drinks and a rye and coke float, but most of all commune with good friends and family.
It was ‘family day’ weekend after all.

Music:Abigail Washburn ‘City of Refuge’