Water Color

I had this picture in my head.  I specifically didn’t want to line it, I wanted to use color to define the edges of the drawing.  I also knew I didn’t want a background, this one was about the posture and capturing the ‘attitude’ of the subject.  I think I got it.

The posture was tough, it was the proportion that made it difficult and since I was working from my minds eye and not a model or photograph it was more difficult then i thought.  The legs and the perceived length of his legs gave me the hardest time.  Again I am satisfied with with result. 

Color: hummmm….I need better water colors to really push this.  The flesh tone was done buy combining a ridiculous pink and a really dark brown and diluted all to crap, not 100% happy but it works ok.  I actually like the way his face turned out.  The jacket and pants are crap, meh…need to spend more time drawing fabric. 




Right….I’m going to bed.

Music: Metal! he he he Genius mix from my library Crue, Metallica, Whitesnake, Skid Row, Van Halen….



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