Charcoal, Chalk Pastel

A few things are going on tonight.  First; I am feeling a little light headed from spray fixer.  Second; It’s fun to get dirty.  Third; These were done quickly, which is good…  Fourth; I’m exhausted.

I like the way the hand turned out, it kinda drew it’s self.  To me the best art always takes care of it’s self.   If I’m writing poetry, as song, a painting or a drawing I feel I get closest to what I want when it ‘falls out of my (pen).’  That doesn’t mean it is necessarily the best bit of art, it just feels the most right and that is when I am happiest.

Charcoal is nice…it’s blunt and simple and doesn’t get confused.  I have to be loose and relaxed.

I’m going to have a glass of wine and get back to ‘technical house’ because it annoys me…and you might know by now, that makes it fun.

Music: Coheed & Cambria ‘Descension’ (which is awesome by the way)



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