Water color

Like usual after a few days traveling I’m back home and need to do something with color. I also felt a need to be abstract with the color, and not for want of the abstract because ‘geometric’ is abstract as well.

I did this with a wet and a dry brush, I like the effect of ‘smudging’ the wet paint. The paint moved surprisingly well on the paper. I added more color for depth and dimension.

I do also enjoy a coupling of loose and tight, the fine lines give that feel. They also added (to my happy surprise) a depth I didn’t expect, I love the unplanned in the …. ah … unplanned. There is something nice and organic about that.

A nice ending to a great weekend. I got to do some art, play some music, eat good food, enjoy exotic mixed drinks and a rye and coke float, but most of all commune with good friends and family.
It was ‘family day’ weekend after all.

Music:Abigail Washburn ‘City of Refuge’


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