Gale’s Snack Bar


Pencil. 3B

Sometimes you have to leap into the unknown, which is over dramatic as leaping here was done after a little research.

Like usual I have run out of money, just in time to get paid, so the lint and pennies (which are obsolete here in Canada now) had to do for lunch. I’ve had a few folk mentions ‘Gale’s Snack Bar’ few times as a good cheap place to eat.

This place is awesome and odd, you walking right into a time warp when you enter and slip back to the ’60s. The food, the decor (loose term here) the people are all throw backs. I ordered one of the most expensive items on the menu; Hot Chicken Sandwich $3.75 and it comes with fires, peas and carrots, two slices of white bread and a mountain of sliced chicken breast smothered in gravy. Good stuff. Sure they are frozen veg and fries but the chicken was really quiet good. With a pop, tax and tip I handed over $7.
Grill Cheese is $1.50, I’m tying that next.

How could I not sketch this place? It’s a picture waiting to happen.

Eating and sketching on a rainy day, Gale’s may not be for everyone but I’m going back.

Music: ’80s retro on the radio. Appropriate



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