Alberta Skull


Pencil 3B

Just relaxing at a farm on the Ottawa river. Wonderful spot, rolling hills looking across the river toward Quebec.

Lots of things to sketch out here that’s for sure, but there is this great cow/steer skull atop of an aquarium that needed drawing.

Good morning, good coffee.

Music: we where talking about it, the difference between steel and nylon strum guitars and how the wood in an instrument changes as it played. So I have Paco de Lucia on the brain.


View from the train


Coloursoft pencil

So, on the train between Toronto and Ottawa and watching the country slip by. I’ve never taken the train across our fine country before, which is strange cause it really is the traditional way to cross Canada. Quiet beautiful, comfy and free WiFi.

There is a romance to the slow sway of a train it quiet, comfortable and there is more then clouds or yellow lines to look at. I could get used to this.

Speaking of that slow sway, makes drawing a little hard and (for me at least) I was starting to feel a little motion sick staring down at the page.

I’m going to go back to staring out the window and listening to music.

Music: Coheed …. Again, sorry for the lack of variety but I like it.
Also, I have this wonderful chorus bouncing around I’m my head written by one of my best friend Shawn Hebb … It’s a new song so I can’t share it but check him out here




This is just a quick pic. I’ve been busy and exceptionally tired lately.

I woke up before my son this morning and since I feel I don’t do enough life drawing took the moment of six year old stillness to draw. It’s looks like him, so I captured him nicely. There is a fine line between death and sleep as Edgar Allan Poe said.

Music: Coheed and Cambria ‘In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth.



Pilot pen, colored marker, water color

Tonight started badly… With nothing and then with three water colors I really, really don’t like. Lets put it this way, I had to pick them up off the floor to photograph them, not a good sign. But this blog is about progression, about learning and about art, and if I can’t show the bad with the good then I am kind of hiding behind it, we always show our good side and not our bad side.

Maybe I’m giving too much away.

But tonight there were words bouncing around in my head and when I started writing they fell from my pen. I love that, it’s an awfully romantic way to write and I often feel it’s my best work. It still needs editing, all writing does, but the body and the spirit of the verse is there.

I like this little piece, it has a nice flow. Not to sure about the presentation but this is an drawing/art blog so I kind of felt obliged to ‘art’ it up.

Right…. Not a great night for the visual arts for me.

But I am happy with the written word

Such is life

Music: Tchaikovsky, Violin Concerto I’m D op 35
We should all listen to more orchestral music, it really is wonderful.




Water color tests


Water color

I’m figuring this out, just going to keep chipping away at it. Like usual I wish I had more time to developer and practice but having a full time job, a family, and a million hobbies tends to tire me out. I burn the candle at both ends


So tonight I just wanted to mess around with water colors and mix and make color. I picked the apple because it was on the counter and it has a ton of color in it.

This wasn’t really about good or bad art, it’s simply the exercise of doing it, over and over. I tried different combinations and levels of ‘wetness’ to see how it all turned out. I am always amazed how different it looks wet to dry.

Music: David lee Roth pod cast about tattoos.
Interesting chap Mr Roth, a little crazy for sure and boy does he repeat himself, but I think that is part of his odd off kilter charm.



Sharpie, oil pastel

It’s been a busy weekend and although I should be sleeping, I’m not. My guitar player/singers other band is playing tonight but I am not sure I will be able to muster the energy to cross town for a two AM showcase on a Sunday.

I wish I lived downtown

I started doing this early, and destroyed my first attempt. In truth the first piece ended up something like this:


Discarded on the floor, I figure if its forced it isn’t right.

I drew one face with a sharpie and stared at it for a while, then drew a whole lot more. I knew I wanted a rich and vibrant color and didn’t want to paint. That’s when the oil pastels came out they are always a little wet looking to me, like a paint and a crayon mixed together. The texture works wonderful on this and I am fairly sure my son could color in the lines better.

Tonight (with mostly my ears) I was watching ‘exit through the gift shop,’ Interesting. It didn’t influence what was happening on the page as I was already in motion once the movie started, the movie was the audio back drop for the install of the color.

Music (movie): exit through the gift shop. And earlier some Coheed… Again.

Five Trees


Pen and ink

I just like this, it simple and it was fun
I used circles to make the composition flow.

I had to fight putting in a sun or moon and just leave the clouds, trees, grass and mountains to create a symmetry. It’s balanced and comfortable

A good feeling tonight.

Music: Top Gear. Which I really watched with one eye, such a good show.

The devil


Colored pencil, ink

They say the Devil is in the Details.
It’s kinda true, if you let that dude in and don’t pay attention to the all tiny little type at the bottom of the page and you end up with problems.

This was another exercise in posture. It’s not perfect, I should take a life drawing class, or take the subway more. Sketching on the subway would be interesting; the movement of the cars and the changing of the subject matter. Maybe I’ll spend some time doing the one Saturday. Just chalk and a pad of paper.

Maybe the Devil takes the train too…

Music: it’s been strangely quiet lately.