Pilot pen, colored marker, water color

Tonight started badly… With nothing and then with three water colors I really, really don’t like. Lets put it this way, I had to pick them up off the floor to photograph them, not a good sign. But this blog is about progression, about learning and about art, and if I can’t show the bad with the good then I am kind of hiding behind it, we always show our good side and not our bad side.

Maybe I’m giving too much away.

But tonight there were words bouncing around in my head and when I started writing they fell from my pen. I love that, it’s an awfully romantic way to write and I often feel it’s my best work. It still needs editing, all writing does, but the body and the spirit of the verse is there.

I like this little piece, it has a nice flow. Not to sure about the presentation but this is an drawing/art blog so I kind of felt obliged to ‘art’ it up.

Right…. Not a great night for the visual arts for me.

But I am happy with the written word

Such is life

Music: Tchaikovsky, Violin Concerto I’m D op 35
We should all listen to more orchestral music, it really is wonderful.





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