View from the train


Coloursoft pencil

So, on the train between Toronto and Ottawa and watching the country slip by. I’ve never taken the train across our fine country before, which is strange cause it really is the traditional way to cross Canada. Quiet beautiful, comfy and free WiFi.

There is a romance to the slow sway of a train it quiet, comfortable and there is more then clouds or yellow lines to look at. I could get used to this.

Speaking of that slow sway, makes drawing a little hard and (for me at least) I was starting to feel a little motion sick staring down at the page.

I’m going to go back to staring out the window and listening to music.

Music: Coheed …. Again, sorry for the lack of variety but I like it.
Also, I have this wonderful chorus bouncing around I’m my head written by one of my best friend Shawn Hebb … It’s a new song so I can’t share it but check him out here


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