Lake Ontario



Ok, this is from a photo and really it’s not about looking like the photo, cause it doesn’t. Tonights work is about trying out ‘tube’ water colors as opposed to the ‘pucks’ I’ve been using. The dry water colors are nice cause they are easy to use but mixing and blending is a pain.

Not so with the tube water colors. Easy to mix and blend and create new colors. The result? I need lots of practice, probably more practice then I have time for but I’m going to try.

The color is so much richer and deeper then the dry colors chips (I really don’t know what to call those things…Anyone?) so you can bet I’m going to be using those more.

Fun, need more hours in the day.

Music: _\m/
Not really water color music but still
1) whitesnake – whitesnake
2) warrant – “cherry pie” for the record I agree with Jani Lane (RIP), ‘cherry pie,’ the title track, is a crap song. It should have been called ‘uncle tom’s cabin’. Way way better song.



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