View from bed


Pilot pen

I, am dead tired. But then not really cause here it is at 1am and I am WIDE awake, much to my annoyance. It seems lately I fall asleep with son at 8pm, can’t keep my eyes open not if my life depended on it, then around 11pm I am up and sharpe as a tack till about 2am. All this would be fine if I didn’t have to get up at 5:30 in the morning.

This is the view from my bed, there is one light on and as my eyes move away everything disappears into the inky blackness of night. A little difficult to capture at Moleskin size, the tip on a pilot pen isn’t that fine, but it makes for a nice clumsy sort of feel. A little comic bookish for lack of a better description.

I exercised a little artistic license and left some stuff out, I didn’t feel like being all cluttered tonight.

I’m getting on a plane tomorrow… Ah today that is, for a little Big Apple distraction, a much, much needed distraction. So maybe some museum sketches and other New York iconery. Is that a word?
New word…

Music: I was singing something but I forgot…. Probably the illustrious Shawn Hebb as he wrote this beauty of a song.
You’ll have to wait to hear it as he hasn’t complete the new recording.


One thought on “View from bed

  1. Sorry you were up so late…this reminds me Of the closet drawing idea. I like it : ) What clutter was left out? Oh right. Pile of Clothes on the chair. Oh wait. I’m not there…nevermind. : )

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