Pencil 2B

The American Museum of Natural History is a little awesome. This is the place that Ben Stiller kinda crashed around in…. Kinda. Cause it doesn’t look the same, it’s busy as hell and Pocahontas is no where to be found, at least I didn’t see her and I over heard one of the guards say ‘not everything you see in the movie is here.’ Artistic license I guess.

Still kinda awesome for sure. It’s the way a museum should be, full of amazing stuff to look at, huge chambers, finely lit, a bit of a maze, dioramas, wax sculptures and stuffed animals.

Our museum in Toronto is nice but for the natural history and dinosaurs they managed to make it into a bland colorless experience of white whites, grey metals, and glass. For me it doesn’t hold the excitement This type of natural history should. The ‘adult’ galleries in the ‘old’ original part do but they are all Roman busts and Art Deco furniture and crockery. Kids don’t wants to look at a tiger behind glass with an aardvark, snake and fish fixed statically like a biology text, they want what the AMNH has; you can see one animal eating another animal. That was the wild dogs…. But you get the point.

Music: I’m in a museum… You don’t listen to music, cause the tigers will get ya.



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