Wrapping paper and cards


Watercolor, colored pencil, paint pen

It seems like a million years ago now. I look at my sleeping son, a little taller then half my height and I figure another 10 years and he’ll be taller then me.

Ten years.

I remember looking at the boy all fresh and pink and soft and I couldn’t have guessed how much he would mean to me now, six years later. I’ve got me a best friend, we have Bey-Battles, Hotwheels and Lego and this is only the beginning. There will be bicycles, snow boards and motorcycles. Canoe trips and adventures, skinned knees and broken hearts. There will be historic sites and galleries, jazz clubs and rock arenas…

I can’t wait.

This started as wrapping paper, it seems a shame to let a six year old rip it, but it is his birthday.

Happy birthdays Max



Music: classic rock on Q107 Toronto’s classic rock station. For some reasons taking care of business and sweet home Alabama knocking around in my head.



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