Guitars in the living room



The sharpie is getting a little tired. Which means the blacks aren’t as black and the tip isn’t as sharp(ie) so basically it has a whole different charm.

I was going to use a pilot pen as well but then decided I didn’t want the fine lines, so I left it alone. The shading and the texture of the paper worked well to capture the feel, the light, the dark.

Hate the way the strat’ turned out… But the P bass looks awesome.



I mean if you can’t criticize and pat yourself on the back in one sentence what is the point of a blog?

Music: Silence

So… Listen with me, I can hear;
My ears ringing
The wind in the trees
The cars on the street
The compressor of the refrigerator
A moving chair
A child’s cough
A running tap
A subtle crack
The building sleeping
The water in the heater
The drizzle on the window
My need to sleep


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