Weeping Tree



Just a big drawing. No idea where it came from, just out pen to paper.

I like it and the branches and leaves and the flowers, kinda my thing.

Music: boys of summer, crazy, and other classic rock bits.
Always seems appropriate for late at night.




Pilot pen, ball point, colored pencil.

Sitting in Peterborough starting my day my favorite way; slowly with a pencils and pad, a coffee and music

This is the wall across from where I am sitting with my back to the sun.

It’s a beautiful morning to draw.

Music: resurrection band from the album ‘autograph’

Stick Men




This isn’t really all me, it’s my son and I. He said he wanted a big sheet of paper
‘On the desk?’
‘No, down here on the floor dad.’
Then he drew a large square and sat up, looking at it. ‘I think we should draw a picture of warriors. Can you draw some warriors with me dad?’

I like the Cyclops with the crazy helmet and chain saws. (They all need helmets) and the Dragon at the top. I did the poka-dot Dragon at the bottom cause I have learned that when I am drawing with, as opposed to for, a child you draw down a little. With my son if it don’t he get discouraged cause and say ‘I can’t draw that’ and steps away.

This drawing was a but of an exercise in monkey see monkey do as I copied some of his ideals (the dragon) and he copied some of mine (the sword fighters).

I think it’s a fun drawing, it fills the page and engages the eye, look at it a couple times.


Music: Mumford and Sons

Red Squares on Yellow



Well I didn’t expect that.
I love it when that happens, I basically washed the paper and stood back, what to do? I like it when the pen/brush does the work for me.

I realized quickly that my squares weren’t all going to be the same size as I was free handing this. So I started messing around with their sizes and just let that flow.

Once that was done I added the shadows, it’s hard to see but there is a bunch of red in those shadows as well.
I deliberately used larger and smaller shadows to create ‘depth’ on the page, it kinda works.

This was a fun exercise in working a simple shape by hand and trying to make it as uniform as possible.


Music: 80s hair metal!!!
Scorpions, Poison, Dokkon, Whitesnake, Mötley Crüe, Warrant, Van Halen, Stryper, Iron Maiden, Winger….I still know all the words.

Batman Rubix


Brush pens

Batman. Doing ‘normal’ again, it would be interesting to see if Batman was stumped by a Rubix Cube. I have to figure it wouldn’t be long for him to sort through it. The other thing is that he simply might just hand it off to Alfred…which is a cop out.

Still hanging at the hospital with my sick little boy, watching him sleep and watching children’s movies.

My black marker gave up on me so the blacks aren’t black enough (which really seems a Spinal Tap thing to say) so I had to make do. Dried out markers do add an interesting texture and washed out look but I have to work on that a little more to truly get a finished feel to it.

Happy with how this turned out.

Kinda like the slightly stressful slowness of the day.

Music: Macklemore and Ryan Lewis ‘Heist’ again cause its so damn good.



Pencil 5B, Pilot Pen

Hospitals are funny places, we go there to feel better but fight it tooth and nail not to go.

I’ve learned one thing as a dad that relates to hospitals here where I live, if you go kiss away eight hours. It’s bot that they waste your time, maybe it’s that they want you to get your money’s worth, I don’t know but you sure get to hang around.

In here with my son tonight and ill spare you the details of a six year olds flu, lets just say hydration is a concern. He’ll be ok, he sleeping and between bouts of this and that he’ll survive.

That makes me feel better, cause nothing is more stressful or pitiful then a sick baby, and more so if its yours.

I’ve also wised up, brought drawing material, a Nintendo DS and a bunch of toys. I’m ready….

Music: nothing… But you can bet ill be putting on some soothing classical music



br />

Sitting in Capitol Espresso, sketching people as they walk through… Speed sketching.

Like I said, I need practice getting faces and personalities on paper. This is a good way to do it.


Sundays are becoming my favorite day
Time to drink coffee and draw, listen to music, slow down.

Think about life…



Music: The Heist.
Macklemore and Ryan Lewis.
Holy crap, I gotta say its been a long time since a hip-hop album has knocked me on my ass. Think Roots, Danger Doom, and old school shit like Digable Planets, Beasties and De la Soul, this record (can I say that?) is awesome. Relevant American poetry…really, he even references that. Worth checking out if you love good music and are ok with ‘F’ bombs.
Check out ‘wings’ absolutely amazing.