Pencil 5B, Pilot Pen

Hospitals are funny places, we go there to feel better but fight it tooth and nail not to go.

I’ve learned one thing as a dad that relates to hospitals here where I live, if you go kiss away eight hours. It’s bot that they waste your time, maybe it’s that they want you to get your money’s worth, I don’t know but you sure get to hang around.

In here with my son tonight and ill spare you the details of a six year olds flu, lets just say hydration is a concern. He’ll be ok, he sleeping and between bouts of this and that he’ll survive.

That makes me feel better, cause nothing is more stressful or pitiful then a sick baby, and more so if its yours.

I’ve also wised up, brought drawing material, a Nintendo DS and a bunch of toys. I’m ready….

Music: nothing… But you can bet ill be putting on some soothing classical music



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