Batman Rubix


Brush pens

Batman. Doing ‘normal’ again, it would be interesting to see if Batman was stumped by a Rubix Cube. I have to figure it wouldn’t be long for him to sort through it. The other thing is that he simply might just hand it off to Alfred…which is a cop out.

Still hanging at the hospital with my sick little boy, watching him sleep and watching children’s movies.

My black marker gave up on me so the blacks aren’t black enough (which really seems a Spinal Tap thing to say) so I had to make do. Dried out markers do add an interesting texture and washed out look but I have to work on that a little more to truly get a finished feel to it.

Happy with how this turned out.

Kinda like the slightly stressful slowness of the day.

Music: Macklemore and Ryan Lewis ‘Heist’ again cause its so damn good.


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