Stick Men




This isn’t really all me, it’s my son and I. He said he wanted a big sheet of paper
‘On the desk?’
‘No, down here on the floor dad.’
Then he drew a large square and sat up, looking at it. ‘I think we should draw a picture of warriors. Can you draw some warriors with me dad?’

I like the Cyclops with the crazy helmet and chain saws. (They all need helmets) and the Dragon at the top. I did the poka-dot Dragon at the bottom cause I have learned that when I am drawing with, as opposed to for, a child you draw down a little. With my son if it don’t he get discouraged cause and say ‘I can’t draw that’ and steps away.

This drawing was a but of an exercise in monkey see monkey do as I copied some of his ideals (the dragon) and he copied some of mine (the sword fighters).

I think it’s a fun drawing, it fills the page and engages the eye, look at it a couple times.


Music: Mumford and Sons


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