Oil pastel.

I was looking at the time, and like usual it’s a lot later then I actually want to be up. I had a pose in my head, but I limited the time I could spend on this drawing.

The figure I wanted didn’t work so I did this one instead. I limited myself to 10 minutes. So two bad sketches and then this one all done in time.

Turned out ok, a little fake looking somewhere between a cartoon and real life.

Music: Natalie Maines ‘mother’


5 thoughts on “Nude

  1. She looks like a superhero Barbie w/o her clothes on. I guess I’m saying she looks proportionate in a disproportionate way.

    Why are her breasts so prominent? Like I can’t not focus in that area. Guessing the composition is intentional?

    And she looks sad. Why?

    Nice boobs though…kinda pornstar nice, but they look real.

  2. Can you draw another whale? Maybe a lady whale? This lady reminds me of the mermaid on the bow of a ship.

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