Well, I guess negligence is the best way to describe it… Maybe.
I’ve been negligent in my upkeep which considering the name of the blog is rather, obvious. Still I could make excuses and frankly they would all be true but still it’s the simplest thing to do a drawing a day. I mean a good friend of mine said even of you put up a stock figure you still should put something up.

He’s right.

But I haven’t and the gaps between art are (in my own opinion) annoyingly wide.

Strangely… I do care.
I mean some of you have taken the time to ‘follow’ my scribbles and frankly that’s kind of awesome. There are also the folk who pop up from all over the world, places I’ve never been that ‘like’ some of my work so I owe it too you all , too me to be more studious and prolific in my art.

I’ll do my best.

This charcoal…
i like it.
And it was fun.

Music; none tonight. Just the ringing in my ear, the sound of a bus outside and the mumble of the city at night.

Good night.