Back yard


Water color

This is the backyard at my buddies place (shawn hebb) outside of Halifax, just relaxing for a couple of days staring at the ocean and drinking, and eating Chowder as much chowder as possible.


I really don’t like this, but that’s what practice is all about.

Music: Shawn Hebb


A few more miles


Pencil, pilot pen

It’s been cursing me from my bedside
The last couple of days
I know I should do more
And yet…
I think about an open road
The freedom to run away
The travel to a distant shore
The grass smells with morning dew
The low mist just lifting
Gravel loose beneath my boot
The shadows reach the day is waining.
A few more miles are missing
Travel long to rest and song
Time yet in sleep and shifting

Music: sympathy for the devil (if you have to ask…)



Colored pencil.

Just sitting on the back deck on a sunny Saturday looking out across the fields. There was a little trouble getting depth as the green in the high midday sun were all so similar, but it works ok.

I like this drawing, it loose enough to capture the scene without having to much detail.

I can look at it and ‘see’ the spot.

I need to sketch more *sigh*

Music: we were all sitting around just chatting and watching the kids in an epic water fight… The music of laughter.

The Trent


Coloursoft pencil

I like these kind of days, but I have said that before. Get up walk slowly to get coffee, drink coffee, draw a picture , walk some more, draw some more have some more coffee…. Repeat.

Ended up down by the Trent river, it’s quiet high and the water is moving, likely a result of the flooding up Gravenhurst/Bracebridge area.

No sketching here, straight to the color pencils, let the pencil do it’s thing…

I’m going to go back to doing what I’ve been doing…. Kinda nothing, but something.

Music: Radiohead ‘Pablo Honey’
Cause it’s that kind of day.





Pencil 2B

The American Museum of Natural History is a little awesome. This is the place that Ben Stiller kinda crashed around in…. Kinda. Cause it doesn’t look the same, it’s busy as hell and Pocahontas is no where to be found, at least I didn’t see her and I over heard one of the guards say ‘not everything you see in the movie is here.’ Artistic license I guess.

Still kinda awesome for sure. It’s the way a museum should be, full of amazing stuff to look at, huge chambers, finely lit, a bit of a maze, dioramas, wax sculptures and stuffed animals.

Our museum in Toronto is nice but for the natural history and dinosaurs they managed to make it into a bland colorless experience of white whites, grey metals, and glass. For me it doesn’t hold the excitement This type of natural history should. The ‘adult’ galleries in the ‘old’ original part do but they are all Roman busts and Art Deco furniture and crockery. Kids don’t wants to look at a tiger behind glass with an aardvark, snake and fish fixed statically like a biology text, they want what the AMNH has; you can see one animal eating another animal. That was the wild dogs…. But you get the point.

Music: I’m in a museum… You don’t listen to music, cause the tigers will get ya.


Tree at 88 and 2nd


Pencil 2B, pilot pen, color soft

I wanted to keep it simple this morning and the tree made that easy. Spring in New York is always blossoms and flowers, I think the only other spring city I’ve been to like this is the mall in DC. That said, I haven’t been to Paris in the spring.

It’s been cool and comfortable here, the food had been awesome and like usual I look forward to coming back.

Still haven’t found a pair of shoes though….

Music; the street noise. Sorry to be so romantic about it but the sounds sight and smells of NYC are all their own.

Off for breakfast now.

View from the window


Coloursoft pencils.

New York.
Damn I love this you
the buzz of the city
the sun shine
Gonna put on some good shoes
And look for more
Get a poached egg
Some rye bread
Everything speaks
In squeaks and crashes
Colors and shadows
Trucks buses motorcycles trains
I gotta walk now
Enough sitting around
Clear my head
Open my ears
Gonna find the first adventure

Music: Neil Young ‘harvest moon’

View from the train


Coloursoft pencil

So, on the train between Toronto and Ottawa and watching the country slip by. I’ve never taken the train across our fine country before, which is strange cause it really is the traditional way to cross Canada. Quiet beautiful, comfy and free WiFi.

There is a romance to the slow sway of a train it quiet, comfortable and there is more then clouds or yellow lines to look at. I could get used to this.

Speaking of that slow sway, makes drawing a little hard and (for me at least) I was starting to feel a little motion sick staring down at the page.

I’m going to go back to staring out the window and listening to music.

Music: Coheed …. Again, sorry for the lack of variety but I like it.
Also, I have this wonderful chorus bouncing around I’m my head written by one of my best friend Shawn Hebb … It’s a new song so I can’t share it but check him out here