Oil pastel.

I was looking at the time, and like usual it’s a lot later then I actually want to be up. I had a pose in my head, but I limited the time I could spend on this drawing.

The figure I wanted didn’t work so I did this one instead. I limited myself to 10 minutes. So two bad sketches and then this one all done in time.

Turned out ok, a little fake looking somewhere between a cartoon and real life.

Music: Natalie Maines ‘mother’


Four Times






I just put out four sheets of paper and rubbed these out.

Just a simple mess of color, very little thought went into them. But that’s what makes them nice.

Music: classic rock at Gail’s currently U2



Water color, oil pastel, chalk pastel.

Ah…. Ya I might have worked this one to long. I’m also not sure how I feel about it either, but I’m posting it anyway as I need to throw it out there.


Ill edit this in the morning after some sleep and see how I feel about this.

Music: Black Keys. CC Adrock.
It was a blues night. X
Odd tie in I didn’t even notice.

View from the window


Coloursoft pencils.

New York.
Damn I love this you
the buzz of the city
the sun shine
Gonna put on some good shoes
And look for more
Get a poached egg
Some rye bread
Everything speaks
In squeaks and crashes
Colors and shadows
Trucks buses motorcycles trains
I gotta walk now
Enough sitting around
Clear my head
Open my ears
Gonna find the first adventure

Music: Neil Young ‘harvest moon’



Sharpie, oil pastel

It’s been a busy weekend and although I should be sleeping, I’m not. My guitar player/singers other band is playing tonight but I am not sure I will be able to muster the energy to cross town for a two AM showcase on a Sunday.

I wish I lived downtown

I started doing this early, and destroyed my first attempt. In truth the first piece ended up something like this:


Discarded on the floor, I figure if its forced it isn’t right.

I drew one face with a sharpie and stared at it for a while, then drew a whole lot more. I knew I wanted a rich and vibrant color and didn’t want to paint. That’s when the oil pastels came out they are always a little wet looking to me, like a paint and a crayon mixed together. The texture works wonderful on this and I am fairly sure my son could color in the lines better.

Tonight (with mostly my ears) I was watching ‘exit through the gift shop,’ Interesting. It didn’t influence what was happening on the page as I was already in motion once the movie started, the movie was the audio back drop for the install of the color.

Music (movie): exit through the gift shop. And earlier some Coheed… Again.