Sunrise and water



So I’m awake, it’s the middle of the night and I wonder allowed at what point does stress become unhealthy?

When you can’t sleep…

So drawing is what I do and listen to some music, cranked in a set of head phones and draw weird pictures.

My pencil knew what to do
Like usual it finds its way

She rises out of the ocean like the sun
But you’re supposed to stay away
And be wary of the words that flow
And the strangest things they say
Her hair breaths like the spring
And her lips wet with fresh dew
Her fingers are the branches
And her eyes burn you through
Water alive and rising flow free
Rays spread new day
And set the souls free
But she’s floating
And drifting
And leaving

The water
The bright sun
Ghost of the memory
Burned like a brand a scar remember
And across the day
And into the night
Alone the edges
It’s all right
Stranger then never
And again alone
If your heart is full
Where is it home?

The ocean will swallow her again
She just fades and goes
We dream like babies and smile
Like lovers we weep and let go
My fingers stretch out to touch
But like a fantasy can’t hold
The water rises to meet her
And into it she goes
She smiles below the surface
Her hair drifts and sways
Her eyes close
Her head goes back
Into the night

Music: if these trees could talk


A few more miles


Pencil, pilot pen

It’s been cursing me from my bedside
The last couple of days
I know I should do more
And yet…
I think about an open road
The freedom to run away
The travel to a distant shore
The grass smells with morning dew
The low mist just lifting
Gravel loose beneath my boot
The shadows reach the day is waining.
A few more miles are missing
Travel long to rest and song
Time yet in sleep and shifting

Music: sympathy for the devil (if you have to ask…)



Colored pencil.

Just sitting on the back deck on a sunny Saturday looking out across the fields. There was a little trouble getting depth as the green in the high midday sun were all so similar, but it works ok.

I like this drawing, it loose enough to capture the scene without having to much detail.

I can look at it and ‘see’ the spot.

I need to sketch more *sigh*

Music: we were all sitting around just chatting and watching the kids in an epic water fight… The music of laughter.

Stick Men




This isn’t really all me, it’s my son and I. He said he wanted a big sheet of paper
‘On the desk?’
‘No, down here on the floor dad.’
Then he drew a large square and sat up, looking at it. ‘I think we should draw a picture of warriors. Can you draw some warriors with me dad?’

I like the Cyclops with the crazy helmet and chain saws. (They all need helmets) and the Dragon at the top. I did the poka-dot Dragon at the bottom cause I have learned that when I am drawing with, as opposed to for, a child you draw down a little. With my son if it don’t he get discouraged cause and say ‘I can’t draw that’ and steps away.

This drawing was a but of an exercise in monkey see monkey do as I copied some of his ideals (the dragon) and he copied some of mine (the sword fighters).

I think it’s a fun drawing, it fills the page and engages the eye, look at it a couple times.


Music: Mumford and Sons



Pencil 5B, Pilot Pen

Hospitals are funny places, we go there to feel better but fight it tooth and nail not to go.

I’ve learned one thing as a dad that relates to hospitals here where I live, if you go kiss away eight hours. It’s bot that they waste your time, maybe it’s that they want you to get your money’s worth, I don’t know but you sure get to hang around.

In here with my son tonight and ill spare you the details of a six year olds flu, lets just say hydration is a concern. He’ll be ok, he sleeping and between bouts of this and that he’ll survive.

That makes me feel better, cause nothing is more stressful or pitiful then a sick baby, and more so if its yours.

I’ve also wised up, brought drawing material, a Nintendo DS and a bunch of toys. I’m ready….

Music: nothing… But you can bet ill be putting on some soothing classical music



br />

Sitting in Capitol Espresso, sketching people as they walk through… Speed sketching.

Like I said, I need practice getting faces and personalities on paper. This is a good way to do it.


Sundays are becoming my favorite day
Time to drink coffee and draw, listen to music, slow down.

Think about life…



Music: The Heist.
Macklemore and Ryan Lewis.
Holy crap, I gotta say its been a long time since a hip-hop album has knocked me on my ass. Think Roots, Danger Doom, and old school shit like Digable Planets, Beasties and De la Soul, this record (can I say that?) is awesome. Relevant American poetry…really, he even references that. Worth checking out if you love good music and are ok with ‘F’ bombs.
Check out ‘wings’ absolutely amazing.

Django Unchained




Pencil 5B

Watching Django Unchained and sketching, which also doesn’t mean your subjects sit still.
And entertaining exercise.

My portraits need work, lots of work. You are probably going to see quick portrait sketches a lot over the next little bit. I’ll try not to bore you

Music: there was a Johnny Cash song in the movie. I love Johnny Cash.

The Boy


Pencil 2B

One of the cool things about having a son is he is around a lot of the time and makes a good subject.
The pain? Have you ever seen a six year old sit still for two seconds?
Additionally to make this a little harder was the fact that he was in the bath while I was sketching and the lights in my bathroom are brutal. Fluorescent neon tube lighting: only suitable for classrooms and hospital waiting rooms.


So there is going to be more sketch portraits for practice alone. I don’t feel I captured my son. Gotta draw more.


I like this one best; It’s got attitude.

I can’t believe I am in bed before midnight.

Music: radiohead.