Back yard


Water color

This is the backyard at my buddies place (shawn hebb) outside of Halifax, just relaxing for a couple of days staring at the ocean and drinking, and eating Chowder as much chowder as possible.


I really don’t like this, but that’s what practice is all about.

Music: Shawn Hebb




Oil pastel.

I was looking at the time, and like usual it’s a lot later then I actually want to be up. I had a pose in my head, but I limited the time I could spend on this drawing.

The figure I wanted didn’t work so I did this one instead. I limited myself to 10 minutes. So two bad sketches and then this one all done in time.

Turned out ok, a little fake looking somewhere between a cartoon and real life.

Music: Natalie Maines ‘mother’


br />

Sitting in Capitol Espresso, sketching people as they walk through… Speed sketching.

Like I said, I need practice getting faces and personalities on paper. This is a good way to do it.


Sundays are becoming my favorite day
Time to drink coffee and draw, listen to music, slow down.

Think about life…



Music: The Heist.
Macklemore and Ryan Lewis.
Holy crap, I gotta say its been a long time since a hip-hop album has knocked me on my ass. Think Roots, Danger Doom, and old school shit like Digable Planets, Beasties and De la Soul, this record (can I say that?) is awesome. Relevant American poetry…really, he even references that. Worth checking out if you love good music and are ok with ‘F’ bombs.
Check out ‘wings’ absolutely amazing.

Django Unchained




Pencil 5B

Watching Django Unchained and sketching, which also doesn’t mean your subjects sit still.
And entertaining exercise.

My portraits need work, lots of work. You are probably going to see quick portrait sketches a lot over the next little bit. I’ll try not to bore you

Music: there was a Johnny Cash song in the movie. I love Johnny Cash.

The Boy


Pencil 2B

One of the cool things about having a son is he is around a lot of the time and makes a good subject.
The pain? Have you ever seen a six year old sit still for two seconds?
Additionally to make this a little harder was the fact that he was in the bath while I was sketching and the lights in my bathroom are brutal. Fluorescent neon tube lighting: only suitable for classrooms and hospital waiting rooms.


So there is going to be more sketch portraits for practice alone. I don’t feel I captured my son. Gotta draw more.


I like this one best; It’s got attitude.

I can’t believe I am in bed before midnight.

Music: radiohead.

Water color tests


Water color

I’m figuring this out, just going to keep chipping away at it. Like usual I wish I had more time to developer and practice but having a full time job, a family, and a million hobbies tends to tire me out. I burn the candle at both ends


So tonight I just wanted to mess around with water colors and mix and make color. I picked the apple because it was on the counter and it has a ton of color in it.

This wasn’t really about good or bad art, it’s simply the exercise of doing it, over and over. I tried different combinations and levels of ‘wetness’ to see how it all turned out. I am always amazed how different it looks wet to dry.

Music: David lee Roth pod cast about tattoos.
Interesting chap Mr Roth, a little crazy for sure and boy does he repeat himself, but I think that is part of his odd off kilter charm.