Ball point pen

Just sittin in bed drinking a couple of sips of Glenlivet to fall asleep… Forgot my pain med (which I only take at night) at my girls place so scotch will have to do!

Music: Katatonia – the great cold distance.





Well, I guess negligence is the best way to describe it… Maybe.
I’ve been negligent in my upkeep which considering the name of the blog is rather, obvious. Still I could make excuses and frankly they would all be true but still it’s the simplest thing to do a drawing a day. I mean a good friend of mine said even of you put up a stock figure you still should put something up.

He’s right.

But I haven’t and the gaps between art are (in my own opinion) annoyingly wide.

Strangely… I do care.
I mean some of you have taken the time to ‘follow’ my scribbles and frankly that’s kind of awesome. There are also the folk who pop up from all over the world, places I’ve never been that ‘like’ some of my work so I owe it too you all , too me to be more studious and prolific in my art.

I’ll do my best.

This charcoal…
i like it.
And it was fun.

Music; none tonight. Just the ringing in my ear, the sound of a bus outside and the mumble of the city at night.

Good night.



Pencil 5B, Pilot Pen

Hospitals are funny places, we go there to feel better but fight it tooth and nail not to go.

I’ve learned one thing as a dad that relates to hospitals here where I live, if you go kiss away eight hours. It’s bot that they waste your time, maybe it’s that they want you to get your money’s worth, I don’t know but you sure get to hang around.

In here with my son tonight and ill spare you the details of a six year olds flu, lets just say hydration is a concern. He’ll be ok, he sleeping and between bouts of this and that he’ll survive.

That makes me feel better, cause nothing is more stressful or pitiful then a sick baby, and more so if its yours.

I’ve also wised up, brought drawing material, a Nintendo DS and a bunch of toys. I’m ready….

Music: nothing… But you can bet ill be putting on some soothing classical music


Django Unchained




Pencil 5B

Watching Django Unchained and sketching, which also doesn’t mean your subjects sit still.
And entertaining exercise.

My portraits need work, lots of work. You are probably going to see quick portrait sketches a lot over the next little bit. I’ll try not to bore you

Music: there was a Johnny Cash song in the movie. I love Johnny Cash.

Scotch Glass


Pencil 2B

Just sitting in the highland pub in Ottawa, had a great roast beef sandwich and good company with friends.

This is a scotch glass that is (partly) filled with a ‘sipping’ portion of Balvenie 14 yr Rum cask, quiet good smooth and tasty.

Love days like this.

Music: Gordon Lightfoot on the radio.

Guitars in the living room



The sharpie is getting a little tired. Which means the blacks aren’t as black and the tip isn’t as sharp(ie) so basically it has a whole different charm.

I was going to use a pilot pen as well but then decided I didn’t want the fine lines, so I left it alone. The shading and the texture of the paper worked well to capture the feel, the light, the dark.

Hate the way the strat’ turned out… But the P bass looks awesome.



I mean if you can’t criticize and pat yourself on the back in one sentence what is the point of a blog?

Music: Silence

So… Listen with me, I can hear;
My ears ringing
The wind in the trees
The cars on the street
The compressor of the refrigerator
A moving chair
A child’s cough
A running tap
A subtle crack
The building sleeping
The water in the heater
The drizzle on the window
My need to sleep

Living room



Fixer stinks like shit. It permeates my space and makes everything smell like a caustic aerosol. I can’t stand it.

It’s required though, especially with charcoal. Still I feel a little bit of my brain dies every time I fix a piece of art.

I really hated this about half way through, I almost tore it up. But it’s a bit of an internal fight to see it through. I have found that dissatisfaction helps me let go a little and the process flows a little more smoothly as a result.

So in the end, once photographed, I kinda like this.

I like that it took about 30 minutes. That the perspective and depth work. That I stopped before I ruined it and that you do get a feel of the room. The few of you who have been here will get that.

I’m standing over the picture… It stinks.
Thank balls that’ll be gone by the morning.

Music: the blood and tinnitus in my ears, it’s quiet tonight.

I needed an evening with my thoughts
There’s a lot bouncing around in my head that needs filing and collating.





Pencil 2B

The American Museum of Natural History is a little awesome. This is the place that Ben Stiller kinda crashed around in…. Kinda. Cause it doesn’t look the same, it’s busy as hell and Pocahontas is no where to be found, at least I didn’t see her and I over heard one of the guards say ‘not everything you see in the movie is here.’ Artistic license I guess.

Still kinda awesome for sure. It’s the way a museum should be, full of amazing stuff to look at, huge chambers, finely lit, a bit of a maze, dioramas, wax sculptures and stuffed animals.

Our museum in Toronto is nice but for the natural history and dinosaurs they managed to make it into a bland colorless experience of white whites, grey metals, and glass. For me it doesn’t hold the excitement This type of natural history should. The ‘adult’ galleries in the ‘old’ original part do but they are all Roman busts and Art Deco furniture and crockery. Kids don’t wants to look at a tiger behind glass with an aardvark, snake and fish fixed statically like a biology text, they want what the AMNH has; you can see one animal eating another animal. That was the wild dogs…. But you get the point.

Music: I’m in a museum… You don’t listen to music, cause the tigers will get ya.