Back yard


Water color

This is the backyard at my buddies place (shawn hebb) outside of Halifax, just relaxing for a couple of days staring at the ocean and drinking, and eating Chowder as much chowder as possible.


I really don’t like this, but that’s what practice is all about.

Music: Shawn Hebb




Watercolor, pastel

I was asked how big it was… The art, and I realized all similar sizes. I out four sheets together tonight and diluted some black water color grabbed a big wide brush and followed my head.

I wanted to do a figure and two made a nice balanced sense. I’m not sure what the year means… Happiness, sadness, hello, goodbye, why? He looks hard, not angry, just hard, stone to what’s going on being the tough one the man, I imagine he’s crying too, inside.

Music: Listening to songza and not really liking the choices. It’s a play list called Canuck Folk. It’s not folky enough.



Water color, oil pastel, chalk pastel.

Ah…. Ya I might have worked this one to long. I’m also not sure how I feel about it either, but I’m posting it anyway as I need to throw it out there.


Ill edit this in the morning after some sleep and see how I feel about this.

Music: Black Keys. CC Adrock.
It was a blues night. X
Odd tie in I didn’t even notice.

Wrapping paper and cards


Watercolor, colored pencil, paint pen

It seems like a million years ago now. I look at my sleeping son, a little taller then half my height and I figure another 10 years and he’ll be taller then me.

Ten years.

I remember looking at the boy all fresh and pink and soft and I couldn’t have guessed how much he would mean to me now, six years later. I’ve got me a best friend, we have Bey-Battles, Hotwheels and Lego and this is only the beginning. There will be bicycles, snow boards and motorcycles. Canoe trips and adventures, skinned knees and broken hearts. There will be historic sites and galleries, jazz clubs and rock arenas…

I can’t wait.

This started as wrapping paper, it seems a shame to let a six year old rip it, but it is his birthday.

Happy birthdays Max



Music: classic rock on Q107 Toronto’s classic rock station. For some reasons taking care of business and sweet home Alabama knocking around in my head.




Pilot pen, colored marker, water color

Tonight started badly… With nothing and then with three water colors I really, really don’t like. Lets put it this way, I had to pick them up off the floor to photograph them, not a good sign. But this blog is about progression, about learning and about art, and if I can’t show the bad with the good then I am kind of hiding behind it, we always show our good side and not our bad side.

Maybe I’m giving too much away.

But tonight there were words bouncing around in my head and when I started writing they fell from my pen. I love that, it’s an awfully romantic way to write and I often feel it’s my best work. It still needs editing, all writing does, but the body and the spirit of the verse is there.

I like this little piece, it has a nice flow. Not to sure about the presentation but this is an drawing/art blog so I kind of felt obliged to ‘art’ it up.

Right…. Not a great night for the visual arts for me.

But I am happy with the written word

Such is life

Music: Tchaikovsky, Violin Concerto I’m D op 35
We should all listen to more orchestral music, it really is wonderful.




Water color tests


Water color

I’m figuring this out, just going to keep chipping away at it. Like usual I wish I had more time to developer and practice but having a full time job, a family, and a million hobbies tends to tire me out. I burn the candle at both ends


So tonight I just wanted to mess around with water colors and mix and make color. I picked the apple because it was on the counter and it has a ton of color in it.

This wasn’t really about good or bad art, it’s simply the exercise of doing it, over and over. I tried different combinations and levels of ‘wetness’ to see how it all turned out. I am always amazed how different it looks wet to dry.

Music: David lee Roth pod cast about tattoos.
Interesting chap Mr Roth, a little crazy for sure and boy does he repeat himself, but I think that is part of his odd off kilter charm.