The honeymoon is over


Pilot pen

This is from the band. So fun to do, link to follow and then the music will makes sense

Music: Goodnight, Sunrise


Anger, fear, aggression


Pilot pen

What’s bothering you today?
What’s getting inside your head?
What is it on the ceiling?
When you can’t sleep in your bed?

How do you try and cope?
What are the faces that you see?
Is it a reflection of yourself?
Or is it the images of ‘me?’

Can it cause you to scream?
To cry out in fright?
To do hurt in anger?
To swing punches, to fight?

Do you bury your head to hide?
Can you turn and walk away?
Is there another answer?
Is it something that voices say?

Has the dust just settled?
Is the wound still fresh?
Do you have a thorn?
Buried in your flesh?

Clarity is sometimes hidden
By the clouds of what they say
Go to sleep in peace
Tomorrow’s another day

Music: Coheed and Cambria



Watercolor, pastel

I was asked how big it was… The art, and I realized all similar sizes. I out four sheets together tonight and diluted some black water color grabbed a big wide brush and followed my head.

I wanted to do a figure and two made a nice balanced sense. I’m not sure what the year means… Happiness, sadness, hello, goodbye, why? He looks hard, not angry, just hard, stone to what’s going on being the tough one the man, I imagine he’s crying too, inside.

Music: Listening to songza and not really liking the choices. It’s a play list called Canuck Folk. It’s not folky enough.




Well, I guess negligence is the best way to describe it… Maybe.
I’ve been negligent in my upkeep which considering the name of the blog is rather, obvious. Still I could make excuses and frankly they would all be true but still it’s the simplest thing to do a drawing a day. I mean a good friend of mine said even of you put up a stock figure you still should put something up.

He’s right.

But I haven’t and the gaps between art are (in my own opinion) annoyingly wide.

Strangely… I do care.
I mean some of you have taken the time to ‘follow’ my scribbles and frankly that’s kind of awesome. There are also the folk who pop up from all over the world, places I’ve never been that ‘like’ some of my work so I owe it too you all , too me to be more studious and prolific in my art.

I’ll do my best.

This charcoal…
i like it.
And it was fun.

Music; none tonight. Just the ringing in my ear, the sound of a bus outside and the mumble of the city at night.

Good night.



Colored pencil.

Just sitting on the back deck on a sunny Saturday looking out across the fields. There was a little trouble getting depth as the green in the high midday sun were all so similar, but it works ok.

I like this drawing, it loose enough to capture the scene without having to much detail.

I can look at it and ‘see’ the spot.

I need to sketch more *sigh*

Music: we were all sitting around just chatting and watching the kids in an epic water fight… The music of laughter.