Sharpie, oil pastel

It’s been a busy weekend and although I should be sleeping, I’m not. My guitar player/singers other band is playing tonight but I am not sure I will be able to muster the energy to cross town for a two AM showcase on a Sunday.

I wish I lived downtown

I started doing this early, and destroyed my first attempt. In truth the first piece ended up something like this:


Discarded on the floor, I figure if its forced it isn’t right.

I drew one face with a sharpie and stared at it for a while, then drew a whole lot more. I knew I wanted a rich and vibrant color and didn’t want to paint. That’s when the oil pastels came out they are always a little wet looking to me, like a paint and a crayon mixed together. The texture works wonderful on this and I am fairly sure my son could color in the lines better.

Tonight (with mostly my ears) I was watching ‘exit through the gift shop,’ Interesting. It didn’t influence what was happening on the page as I was already in motion once the movie started, the movie was the audio back drop for the install of the color.

Music (movie): exit through the gift shop. And earlier some Coheed… Again.


Weird head thing


Bic ball point

It’s been a busy couple of night
And am sitting eating burgers and getting ready to play live again

This is all I could come up with, a little mailed in… Not sure I like it.

Oh well.
Here we go

Music: mine.
Goodnight, sunrise.