Anger, fear, aggression


Pilot pen

What’s bothering you today?
What’s getting inside your head?
What is it on the ceiling?
When you can’t sleep in your bed?

How do you try and cope?
What are the faces that you see?
Is it a reflection of yourself?
Or is it the images of ‘me?’

Can it cause you to scream?
To cry out in fright?
To do hurt in anger?
To swing punches, to fight?

Do you bury your head to hide?
Can you turn and walk away?
Is there another answer?
Is it something that voices say?

Has the dust just settled?
Is the wound still fresh?
Do you have a thorn?
Buried in your flesh?

Clarity is sometimes hidden
By the clouds of what they say
Go to sleep in peace
Tomorrow’s another day

Music: Coheed and Cambria




Pilot pen, ball point, colored pencil.

Sitting in Peterborough starting my day my favorite way; slowly with a pencils and pad, a coffee and music

This is the wall across from where I am sitting with my back to the sun.

It’s a beautiful morning to draw.

Music: resurrection band from the album ‘autograph’


br />

Sitting in Capitol Espresso, sketching people as they walk through… Speed sketching.

Like I said, I need practice getting faces and personalities on paper. This is a good way to do it.


Sundays are becoming my favorite day
Time to drink coffee and draw, listen to music, slow down.

Think about life…



Music: The Heist.
Macklemore and Ryan Lewis.
Holy crap, I gotta say its been a long time since a hip-hop album has knocked me on my ass. Think Roots, Danger Doom, and old school shit like Digable Planets, Beasties and De la Soul, this record (can I say that?) is awesome. Relevant American poetry…really, he even references that. Worth checking out if you love good music and are ok with ‘F’ bombs.
Check out ‘wings’ absolutely amazing.

The Trent


Coloursoft pencil

I like these kind of days, but I have said that before. Get up walk slowly to get coffee, drink coffee, draw a picture , walk some more, draw some more have some more coffee…. Repeat.

Ended up down by the Trent river, it’s quiet high and the water is moving, likely a result of the flooding up Gravenhurst/Bracebridge area.

No sketching here, straight to the color pencils, let the pencil do it’s thing…

I’m going to go back to doing what I’ve been doing…. Kinda nothing, but something.

Music: Radiohead ‘Pablo Honey’
Cause it’s that kind of day.



Water color, ink

It took me a long time to come up with something tonight. I stared and sketched and stared for a little to long really.

This is how I would start everyday if I didn’t have to work ‘for the man;’ a coffee and something to read. I’d allow my mind to wander, to escape too the place the book takes me. I’d let the news educate me, expand my horizons and open my mind. I’d let the fire of passion burn out of control and into something beautiful.
If I could start my morning that way, ease into the day. The frantic rush in the morning is a terrible standard to set for your day.

I’m reevaluating here.

Music; Goodnight, Sunrise

This is dumb / geometric #2


Ink pencil 3B

So I’m sipping coffee at Jimmy’s and was wondering what it would be like if a T-Rex was drinking coffee… I realized he couldn’t, his arms are to short. What a miserable existence no wonder they were so surly.

Coffee and geometric patterns are kinda the best way my spend a Sunday morning after a late night watching rock and roll. I used a sharpie, a pilot felt pen and a pencil to shade the background. I would have used color but I don’t (currently) have any I’m my little art bag.

Off to the art store and the ROM.

Good day all

Music: Paul Simon.


Water color -trees


Water color

Just at home this morning drinking coffee and listening to music as my son watches a movie.

We are about to head out into the snow, and that is what it tried to capture here; the sunny day. The white snow the blue sky and bare trees and awesome winter Saturday.

Not sure I got that, but it was a fun exercise.

Now off to toboggan!