Ball point, color soft

I have a broken leg
I should draw more
I should listen

Music: if these trees could talk.


Bowl of fruit and blue chair


Coloursoft pencils

It took me two days to do this. It’s spring and I’m motorcycle retail land that means not two minutes to rub together.
I already need a break.

I’m going to sleep.

This picture is pulled out of my foggy tired mind, I could use a quiet room to escape too during the day.

I like it
It simple

Music: nothing… My ears are ringing.

Wrapping paper and cards


Watercolor, colored pencil, paint pen

It seems like a million years ago now. I look at my sleeping son, a little taller then half my height and I figure another 10 years and he’ll be taller then me.

Ten years.

I remember looking at the boy all fresh and pink and soft and I couldn’t have guessed how much he would mean to me now, six years later. I’ve got me a best friend, we have Bey-Battles, Hotwheels and Lego and this is only the beginning. There will be bicycles, snow boards and motorcycles. Canoe trips and adventures, skinned knees and broken hearts. There will be historic sites and galleries, jazz clubs and rock arenas…

I can’t wait.

This started as wrapping paper, it seems a shame to let a six year old rip it, but it is his birthday.

Happy birthdays Max



Music: classic rock on Q107 Toronto’s classic rock station. For some reasons taking care of business and sweet home Alabama knocking around in my head.




Water color, ink 5×8

I started this with my son.
I just wanted more color something too just disappear into. Once the color was down I felt it needed more and the black boxes came to mind.

I had originally thought of just the line boxes at the top and they changed and filled in as I went down the board.

I love the organic was of art, the way it changes and takes on a life of its own.

I love that.

Music: nothing tonight.

color required


water color, oil pastel, ink

I look at the blog and I see a bunch of monochromatic stuff and I start to want color.  Then I need color, it’s like a test.  Then there is abstract which really is an aquired taste.  A taste that I like.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not going to pretend that I am good at it just that I enjoy doing it. There are no rules (none that I know anyway) and you can kind of run with it.  I watched a movie called Gerhard Richter Painting and it kinda blew my mind.  One review said the best parts were the ones where you got to watch him painting, so true.  He also said that (I’m paraphrasing) he lets the paintings paint themselves, which sounds kind of weird until you consider that I personally have said that I feel my best work happens when the ‘art’ falls out of my pen.  I guess that is the same idea, you let it happen.


I new I wanted color, so I got out my son’s water colors and made one square of yellow…Then I put the yellow away and got out the green, then got out the yellow again.  The blue was to fill the corner I left white…it didn’t seem right in white.  Oil pastels, for texture.  I had to wait for the paint to dry.


The ink was an after thought, there was this interesting negative space left by the pastels.  Black ink seemed like the right thing to put in there.

It’s done and it took way, way to long.  Again it’s one AM and I am knackered.   But that was fun.  Hopefully you enjoy it as much as I do.

Music: Jace Everett  ‘Red Revelations’

Boy #2, still life #4




Not sure how I feels about these.  They totally didn’t turn out which is frustrating because really, they are simple drawings.   Charcoal is deceptive because you can ‘smudge’ you mistakes into something useful.  It’s not like markers or colored pencils where once you have laid it down you are kind of stuck.  Still, I don’t think I captured the ‘essence’ of the art tonight….it feels a little flat.



Chalk Pastel.

This is a test (insert long annoying beeeeeep).  This is about the color and the manipulation and blending of such.  It’s Ok, the shading and shapes work, not the greatest stuff but still part of the exercise.

I’m trying to figure out color and shading. Trying to make the move’s between light and dark smooth, it’s difficult.  I alway have loved how Rembrandt is able to get the light just right and his ability to create depth through light and shadow.

More practice needed.

Music: just silence tonight, maybe that’s why it didn’t go so well.