Ball point, color soft

I have a broken leg
I should draw more
I should listen

Music: if these trees could talk.


Sun, moon, rockets, balloons,music,letters.


Pilot pen

Sitting in Spanky’s eating pizza and drinking beer and drawing. Peterborough, you are a fun town, good food and good people.

These are fun cause they require very little thought. As a friend noted there are themes that move through these pieces. Freud would probably have a field day


Music: some amazing mixes here at the club.
A good night.

Paper Pen Music Imagination


Pilot pen, bic ball point

Ah…. You see, this is my favorite type of day. Get up at a civilized hour (6:30am) eat some breakfast, saunter to this airport and… Wait for my delayed plane. Which isn’t a problem cause I don’t really need to be any where at any time. And really will loosing my mind about a delayed plane make it arrive any quicker? Nope

So I have my cans on, my oldschool Sony sound isolation rock star head phones, and am drawing in the Porter lounge at the airport. My kinda day.

This is loose mix of still life and imagination, it’s what came out of the pen today.

Music: I lack imagination
So I’m not gonna say… But if you follow me you probably know what I’m listening too.