Crayon markers

The boy wanted his Pokemon cards today, guess what? I didn’t pack them for a week at the cottage, so we made some.

Actually he made a bunch and I made two. I didn’t really let my mind wander all that far cause if you have ever seen Pokemon characters you might figure there is some weird ju-ju in the water in Japan. But then isn’t that usually the way with anime?


Music: Steve Miller Band, kind if a weird sound track but meh… It worked.






Just sitting around over the last coulpe of days with the sketch pad and enjoying the summer sun… From the shade, cause I burn easily and beer tastes the same in the shade.


Music: Resurrection Band




I’m a bit stuck right now. Between family commitments, working long hours and playing in a rock band I keep shooting blanks

Nothing is coming out of the pen right now and this is no exception.

To say I think it sucks would maybe be a little harsh, but… It sucks. I was about to say ill try harder, but usually the best stuff (or should I say the stuff I like best) and the ones that require the lest amount of effort. Sure, they may be a lot of work but they don’t require effort.

Ah, I don’t like this… No sir, not one bit

Music; Holst ‘the planets’
Cause it’s awesome

Cottage fire place


Coloursoft pencil, pencil 3B

This is the fireplace I have been staring into for over 40 years. It’s like looking into the past a wee little because all fires always look a little like the last one. The sound, the smell, it’s a comforting bite of home, one of the things that make this place so relaxing.

I like my Muskoka oasis, and I’m lucky to have access to it.

Thanks Dad and Mom.

Music: St Germain, U2






Water color

Tough, water color really is tough.  Still every time I do one I figure something else out.  The wash, I beginning to think is the ‘eyes’ of a water color. If the wash isn’t right then the painting is going to be difficult.  That said I did the washes here a little better but next time I am going to spend more time working out how and where the color changes across the painting so that I have to ‘paint’ less and rely on the wash more, which is achievable.

I like the forest, one of my favourite things is walking in the wood.  This was early spring so It’s all brown and new greens.   Not quite conveyed correctly on the painting….but I like it. 

More later…lots more.

Music: Oscar Peterson, Dave Brubeck, JAPT