A few more miles


Pencil, pilot pen

It’s been cursing me from my bedside
The last couple of days
I know I should do more
And yet…
I think about an open road
The freedom to run away
The travel to a distant shore
The grass smells with morning dew
The low mist just lifting
Gravel loose beneath my boot
The shadows reach the day is waining.
A few more miles are missing
Travel long to rest and song
Time yet in sleep and shifting

Music: sympathy for the devil (if you have to ask…)


Django Unchained




Pencil 5B

Watching Django Unchained and sketching, which also doesn’t mean your subjects sit still.
And entertaining exercise.

My portraits need work, lots of work. You are probably going to see quick portrait sketches a lot over the next little bit. I’ll try not to bore you

Music: there was a Johnny Cash song in the movie. I love Johnny Cash.

The Boy


Pencil 2B

One of the cool things about having a son is he is around a lot of the time and makes a good subject.
The pain? Have you ever seen a six year old sit still for two seconds?
Additionally to make this a little harder was the fact that he was in the bath while I was sketching and the lights in my bathroom are brutal. Fluorescent neon tube lighting: only suitable for classrooms and hospital waiting rooms.


So there is going to be more sketch portraits for practice alone. I don’t feel I captured my son. Gotta draw more.


I like this one best; It’s got attitude.

I can’t believe I am in bed before midnight.

Music: radiohead.

Three person


Pencil 5B

Just simple, not much to say but a friend of mine said I should post anything every day… Even a stick person.

And he’s right.
Just because I’m tired and burning the candle at both end doesn’t mean I shouldn’t be drawing and posting daily.

So here we are, and I enjoyed this. Just a straight simple sketch.

Music: Mumford & Sons.




This is just a quick pic. I’ve been busy and exceptionally tired lately.

I woke up before my son this morning and since I feel I don’t do enough life drawing took the moment of six year old stillness to draw. It’s looks like him, so I captured him nicely. There is a fine line between death and sleep as Edgar Allan Poe said.

Music: Coheed and Cambria ‘In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth.

The devil


Colored pencil, ink

They say the Devil is in the Details.
It’s kinda true, if you let that dude in and don’t pay attention to the all tiny little type at the bottom of the page and you end up with problems.

This was another exercise in posture. It’s not perfect, I should take a life drawing class, or take the subway more. Sketching on the subway would be interesting; the movement of the cars and the changing of the subject matter. Maybe I’ll spend some time doing the one Saturday. Just chalk and a pad of paper.

Maybe the Devil takes the train too…

Music: it’s been strangely quiet lately.



Colored pencil, ink

I’ve been doing taxes for the last few days, and band practice and playing with my son, I’m worn out and burning the candle at both ends.

That said its been too long since I drew a picture so I kept myself up longer

I wanted to do the whales again, they’re awful fun to draw. I wanted to draw the eye away from the background and to the change in the floor, they don’t have pockets after all.

I got a good feel here. But that said I my have a different opinion in the morning when I wake up fresh.

Music: black water community.

Drummers are never in pictures




There is a lot of negative space in live music shots. The black background swallows up the subject, which is really neat. The shapes you see are simple and only allow part of the subject to define the whole.

Color on a drawing like these would have little impact on the content.

Really happy with these, even if I don’t feel I totally got the images right.
I know who they are.

Music: radio – classic rock.




These are ideals in development, this is a bit of an organic project that I need to rush through and I and a little blank as to where it needs to go…artistically.  I know and understand the concept and the delivery, but I need the right ideas.

So stick with me on this one, it’s gonna take a few days.

These will eventually end up in pen and ink


Music: Linkin Park & Goodnight, Sunrise