Pilot pen, ball point, colored pencil.

Sitting in Peterborough starting my day my favorite way; slowly with a pencils and pad, a coffee and music

This is the wall across from where I am sitting with my back to the sun.

It’s a beautiful morning to draw.

Music: resurrection band from the album ‘autograph’


The Trent


Coloursoft pencil

I like these kind of days, but I have said that before. Get up walk slowly to get coffee, drink coffee, draw a picture , walk some more, draw some more have some more coffee…. Repeat.

Ended up down by the Trent river, it’s quiet high and the water is moving, likely a result of the flooding up Gravenhurst/Bracebridge area.

No sketching here, straight to the color pencils, let the pencil do it’s thing…

I’m going to go back to doing what I’ve been doing…. Kinda nothing, but something.

Music: Radiohead ‘Pablo Honey’
Cause it’s that kind of day.

Hunter at George


Pencil 2B

Sitting in the sun on a bench in front of ‘dreams of beans’ and sipping a latte. The sun is out and although the weather AP says six degrees it feels more like 15 already, it’s already a beautiful day.

I like drawing buildings, they don’t move and they are challenging to get right; proportion, size, color, depth. I never get it quiet right but if I want quiet right of take a photo anyway.

Drawings are like taking souvenirs from places I’ve been. The chance to look back and smile.

Good morning.

Music. Radiohead ‘OK Computer

Sun, moon, rockets, balloons,music,letters.


Pilot pen

Sitting in Spanky’s eating pizza and drinking beer and drawing. Peterborough, you are a fun town, good food and good people.

These are fun cause they require very little thought. As a friend noted there are themes that move through these pieces. Freud would probably have a field day


Music: some amazing mixes here at the club.
A good night.