Sun, moon, rockets, balloons,music,letters.


Pilot pen

Sitting in Spanky’s eating pizza and drinking beer and drawing. Peterborough, you are a fun town, good food and good people.

These are fun cause they require very little thought. As a friend noted there are themes that move through these pieces. Freud would probably have a field day


Music: some amazing mixes here at the club.
A good night.


View from the window


Coloursoft pencils.

New York.
Damn I love this you
the buzz of the city
the sun shine
Gonna put on some good shoes
And look for more
Get a poached egg
Some rye bread
Everything speaks
In squeaks and crashes
Colors and shadows
Trucks buses motorcycles trains
I gotta walk now
Enough sitting around
Clear my head
Open my ears
Gonna find the first adventure

Music: Neil Young ‘harvest moon’



Colored pencil, ink

A good friend and I were talking and he turned my ear to some local Nova Scotia talent, so that was my background music tonight.

Not sure where this come from, and the slightly tough poem associated with it. In the end I was thinking of tattoo art.

I enjoyed working the composition here and how to fill it all in. Gotta work on clouds a little more.

That or not think to much…

At any rate, it a good end to the weekend. It would probably make a terrible tattoo.


Music: Jennah Barry