Anger, fear, aggression


Pilot pen

What’s bothering you today?
What’s getting inside your head?
What is it on the ceiling?
When you can’t sleep in your bed?

How do you try and cope?
What are the faces that you see?
Is it a reflection of yourself?
Or is it the images of ‘me?’

Can it cause you to scream?
To cry out in fright?
To do hurt in anger?
To swing punches, to fight?

Do you bury your head to hide?
Can you turn and walk away?
Is there another answer?
Is it something that voices say?

Has the dust just settled?
Is the wound still fresh?
Do you have a thorn?
Buried in your flesh?

Clarity is sometimes hidden
By the clouds of what they say
Go to sleep in peace
Tomorrow’s another day

Music: Coheed and Cambria



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Sitting in Capitol Espresso, sketching people as they walk through… Speed sketching.

Like I said, I need practice getting faces and personalities on paper. This is a good way to do it.


Sundays are becoming my favorite day
Time to drink coffee and draw, listen to music, slow down.

Think about life…



Music: The Heist.
Macklemore and Ryan Lewis.
Holy crap, I gotta say its been a long time since a hip-hop album has knocked me on my ass. Think Roots, Danger Doom, and old school shit like Digable Planets, Beasties and De la Soul, this record (can I say that?) is awesome. Relevant American poetry…really, he even references that. Worth checking out if you love good music and are ok with ‘F’ bombs.
Check out ‘wings’ absolutely amazing.

Hunter at George


Pencil 2B

Sitting in the sun on a bench in front of ‘dreams of beans’ and sipping a latte. The sun is out and although the weather AP says six degrees it feels more like 15 already, it’s already a beautiful day.

I like drawing buildings, they don’t move and they are challenging to get right; proportion, size, color, depth. I never get it quiet right but if I want quiet right of take a photo anyway.

Drawings are like taking souvenirs from places I’ve been. The chance to look back and smile.

Good morning.

Music. Radiohead ‘OK Computer

Tree at 88 and 2nd


Pencil 2B, pilot pen, color soft

I wanted to keep it simple this morning and the tree made that easy. Spring in New York is always blossoms and flowers, I think the only other spring city I’ve been to like this is the mall in DC. That said, I haven’t been to Paris in the spring.

It’s been cool and comfortable here, the food had been awesome and like usual I look forward to coming back.

Still haven’t found a pair of shoes though….

Music; the street noise. Sorry to be so romantic about it but the sounds sight and smells of NYC are all their own.

Off for breakfast now.



Sharpie, oil pastel

It’s been a busy weekend and although I should be sleeping, I’m not. My guitar player/singers other band is playing tonight but I am not sure I will be able to muster the energy to cross town for a two AM showcase on a Sunday.

I wish I lived downtown

I started doing this early, and destroyed my first attempt. In truth the first piece ended up something like this:


Discarded on the floor, I figure if its forced it isn’t right.

I drew one face with a sharpie and stared at it for a while, then drew a whole lot more. I knew I wanted a rich and vibrant color and didn’t want to paint. That’s when the oil pastels came out they are always a little wet looking to me, like a paint and a crayon mixed together. The texture works wonderful on this and I am fairly sure my son could color in the lines better.

Tonight (with mostly my ears) I was watching ‘exit through the gift shop,’ Interesting. It didn’t influence what was happening on the page as I was already in motion once the movie started, the movie was the audio back drop for the install of the color.

Music (movie): exit through the gift shop. And earlier some Coheed… Again.